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Application of rolling plastic
Release Time:2018-05-02 03:23:25
Rotational molding products have been widely used in our daily life. Rotational molding products can be seen everywhere. The following Xiaobian's application to rotational molding products is shared with you.
, container type rolling parts, such plastic parts are widely used in storage tanks, tanks of various liquid chemical drugs (such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), gasoline containers, battery shells and so on.
2, automotive rotational molding parts are mainly made of polyethylene and PVC paste resin, and all kinds of pipe fittings such as air conditioning elbow, backrest, handrails and so on.
3, sports equipment and a variety of substitutes, mainly polyvinyl chloride paste rolling parts, such as water polo, floating ball, bicycle seat, boat and ship and dock buffer shock absorber.
4, toys, models, crafts and so on, because the rolling moulds can be made of precision casting, electroforming, and so on. The surface of the roll plastic parts has a good effect on the fine structure of the mold cavity surface, so the rolling method can make the products quite exquisite and beautiful, so it is often used to make products with greater value, especially toys and models. Special children, arts and crafts, etc.
5, in addition to the introduction above, the rolling plastic products are widely used in various boxes, shells, large pipes and other parts, such as turnaround boxes, garbage boxes, machine shells, protective cover, lampshade, bathroom, toilets and telephone, yacht and so on.
Rolling plastic products have been widely used in the storage and transportation of liquid chemicals, chemical enterprises, industrial coating, washing tanks, reaction tanks, and other fields, such as river and sea buoys, water tanks and other fields.